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Rotterdam Port

Wolgaweg 3198 LH

Rotterdam Botlek
The Netherlands

Amsterdam Schiphol

Fokkerweg 300, Gebouw F

1438 AN Oude Meer

The Netherlands


Kamillelaan 1

3925 RG Scherpenzeel

The Netherlands

Our services

Rail Freight

Rail service between China and Europe by container train. Faster than Ocean freight and cheaper than Air freight.

Air Freight

Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business.

Road Freight

Combining transport execution and transport management services to meet all your Land Freight needs.


Ocean Freight

We guarantee that we will keep our promises for your international FCL and LCL shipments. 

We give you
complete control
of your shipments

Logistic solutions

Ben-For International provides a wide range of services in logistics and all types of products. We offer a dynamic array of services, like exporting and importing i.e. personal affects, but we also can to provide,  the logistics for project cargo. We cover it all, in a professional and personal way.

Latest News

Logistic solutions, Brexit

Brexit: Prioritse logistics or risk the
supply chain warns FTA.

London, UK: If the UK is to continue to trade efficiently with the EU, its biggest and closest market, there are six key areas the UK’s negotiators and government need to prioritise in the opening stages of talks with Europe about their future trading relationship, says Elizabeth de Jong, policy director, FTA.

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