Road Freight

Road Freight as extension of your
purchase / sales

Many items can be shipped by traditional courier companies like: UPS, Fedex and DHL. For larger consignments like 2 or 3 pallets, we can offer the “groupage” facility to all destinations in Europe. We also have possibilities for the full loads within Europe. To assist the environment environment, we can make a combination of rail and road on the further distance destinations.

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Reliable rates ​

Shipping a smaller consignment as LTL, can offer significant savings over shipping the same freight in an empty large truck. When time is an important factor it might be worthwhile to transport the consignment with a dedicated vehicle in case time is the most important factor.

Transport efficiently​

LTL freight travels on a hub system and can be transshipped several times before reaching its destination, it might take longer to ship than FTL freight. We as Ben-For International can provide a timetable with the exact transit time of your shipment.

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